Developer interest in using Riak with Python has accelerated tremendously over the past several months, and production applications using this combination are appearing at an impressive rate. So, we thought it was time for a free Webinar to bring community members and those new to Riak up to speed on why Riak and Python is such a powerful combination for your production applications.

Webinar Date and Time
The live webinar took place August 2, 2011. Please fill this form to watch the recording

In this webinar, Basho Developer Advocate Mathias Meyer will take you on a whirlwind tour of what you can expect when working with Riak and Python.
  • A (very) brief introduction to Riak
  • Why Riak and Python?
  • An overview of the Python Client
  • Riak and Python (and Django) in Action
  • Building and Deploying a Simple imgur.com Clone Using Riak, Luwak, and Riak Search
  • Riak and Python

    Free Live Webinar